About Us

The Phoenix Emergency Care Brand

Phoenix Emergency Care is a unique Walk-in Urgent Care Center that is a hybrid between a Hospital Emergency Department and a Doctor’s Office. Our mission is to provide patient-centered emergent, urgent, primary and preventive medical care. With Electronic Medical Records and wireless internet access, we have the patient’s chart and the world’s medical literature at the patient’s bedside.

If you have a Doctor and have a medical emergency or urgency that cannot be handled in the office, or if it happens after hours, on a weekend or holiday, or when the office is full, come to Phoenix Emergency Care. If you think “Go to the ER,” say “Go to Phoenix.” If you do not have a Family Doctor, then Phoenix Emergency Care can be your medical home for primary care.

Our professional staff is all Boarded, Certified, Registered, and Licensed, and our Clinicians have over 40 years of medical experience. We are one of the few urgent care offices in North Alabama with a Moderate Complexity lab, as well as digital x-ray.

We are prepared to care for you after most car wrecks and after your work injuries, or those of your employees.  We can x-ray, splint, and drug test.